In today’s environment there is an increasing expectation that data will quickly be accessible, regardless of the number of endpoints, the size of the data, or the reliability of the network. The peer-to-peer engine that powers Resilio Connect makes it uniquely suited to any 1-to-many replication use. Software updates could be pushed to 1000s of retail locations, blueprints could be sent to 100s of firetrucks, or a new VM image could be sent to many dozens of workstations.

Enterprises today are aware of the constant increase in the size and importance of data for their organization. Securing, storing, processing, and moving this data worldwide is a constant challenge for IT leaders.


Resilio Connect’s distributed architecture leverages the combined power of all endpoints to deliver a solution that is faster and more reliable than anything else in the market. Utilizing local copies on the LAN instead of pulling them repeatedly from a distant and overloaded central server, Resilio avoids placing undue strain on weak links in the network, such as those connecting many remote offices or retail locations.

Free from the scaling limits and frequent failures of a centralized point of distribution, it’s like having the performance of a local data center in every remote location, without the cost or administrative overhead. This software solution organically scales itself to the demands of any job without scaling your budget to invest in more centralized infrastructure. Resilio Connect is easily the most efficient technology on the market for moving big data to many endpoints.

Our distributed peer-to-peer architecture seamlessly combines the power of every endpoint to deliver data faster and more reliably than traditional point to point solutions.

An examples of SCCM and Resilio Connect in a complimentary model


  • Software updates and patching: Update every endpoint in seconds, when every second counts.

  • Stop sneakernet: Don’t use Fedex to ship USB sticks to remote locations, Resilio reliably works on any network.

  • Media distribution: Get big media to many locations, from thousands of theaters to as many remote offices.

  • Online education: Get the richest materials to every student, no matter how remote.

  • Get Big Data to your team: Collaborate on large data sets, even when your team is in the field.

Key Benefits

  • Absolute reliability independent of network conditions and hardware availability.

  • Unlimited scalability. Bandwidth efficiency reduces your costs and scales for maximum throughput without the need for intensive configuration.

  • Central management provides full visibility into transfers and lets you schedule data movement off of peak times.

  • Client side API enables integration and extension of the solution. Runs on (almost) any operating system. Cross-platform deployment without dedicated hardware means you can easily deploy our solutions on existing infrastructure.

  • Headless agents

“Our entire situation is tremendously better, great cost savings and our data is now delivered on time.”– Jason McCune , Director of Information Technology at BPS

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