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About IT-Fabrik GmbH

As specialists for modern information and data processing, since 2001 we have been supporting small and medium-sized companies from our location in Weßling near Munich on their rise in digital world. In order to meet this demanding task and to be a competent partner in IT world, we prefer cutting edge and modern technology: We follow all modern development principles, continue to constantly train and teach ourselves and explore new products and technologies that could be useful to our customers – That’s something where you can rely on with us!

We are specialist for :


Managed Service Provider

As an experienced IT service provider, we also know the right model for your company.


Website development

Together we work out a concept for your internet presence with WordPress   which we then implement for you.


Payroll administration

Payroll for the craft |
Simple payroll for craft


Network and System administration

E-Mail, Exchange, Office 365. Windows, Linux und Macintosh. Web-, Exchange…



Professional software development based on your requirements |
Web Development..


IT Security

Data protection, data security, firewall, protection against viruses, spyware, malware and adware. Spam filter…



How the cloud can help your business save costs and increase efficiency | Central file management
| Access to the office PC from everywhere | Office 365 and OneDrive


Mobile offices

We create the IT infrastructure for a flexible work in the home office |
Reliable access to all important information from outer office.
| Craftsman | Salesman on the road


Internet of Things (IoT)

System which consists of smart devices that use embedded processors, sensors and communication hardware to collect, send and act on data they acquire from their environments


Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)

DaaS separates desktop environment and associated application software from the physical client device, which is used to access it. DaaS can be implemented in combination with application and user profile administration systems. It offers a desktop environment management system with high performance.
In this mode, all components of the desktop are virtualized, which enables a very flexible
and much more secure desktop mode. Our DaaS also supports complete desktop disaster recovery strategy as essentially all components are saved in our data centers. If your device or the hardware is lost, you just sign in from another device.

Benefit from our monitoring services!

Monitoring solution for companies

No company can afford a loss of important IT components  or data over a longer period of time. We reliably check your networks, server architectures and their connections. Every system failure is displayed and immediately forwarded to the responsible employees with the relevant information.
Benefit from keeping our eyes open for you!
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With our Managed Services your IT will run smoothly

MSP - Managed Service Provider

Is maintenance of your IT area increasingly becoming a stressing job and a cost trap factor? Are costs getting out of hand,  security issues starting to appear or your skills and results are not always as clearly distributed as you would like?

There is a proven solution: just outsource your entire IT to our company! As an experienced IT Full Service Provider, we can offer you many benefits that the in-house IT does not bring.

Our Services

Full IT service provider for small and mid-size businesses.
Professional Consulting for enterprise customers

Investment Management Software

A comprehensive management of investors, participations and contracts.

Payroll administration

Smart and Simple Payroll Management System for craftsmen

Typo3 WordPress Webdesign

Together we will develop a concept for your internet appearance with TYPO3. WordPress, Joomla etc.

Internet of Things

The future begins today – the IoT application developed by us is based on an IoT platform, a combination of a hardware component and a cloud service. It enables the collection, evaluation, processing, provisioning and control of data collected by the hardware. In the implementation, we have paid particular attention to safety and reliability of the application: Both the development software and the hardware is based on products that have been proven for years in the industry and the latest state of technology.

Professional IT support for your company

Windows, Mac, Linux, remote maintenance – On-site service – Ticket system – Emergency service even outside regular business hours – Proactive maintenance of your IT infrastructure. The reliability and longevity of your IT is our priority. Technology needs to be regularly maintained, updated, and kept up to date with the latest security standards – we’ll do it for you. We enable you to efficiently and easily use your IT infrastructure.

You always need good support!

Our customer support engineers will try to find an appropriate solution to your problem as quickly as possible so you do not have to worry about downtime. When you submit a Customer Support Ticket, you can be sure that you will be supported by one of our team members, all over the world. No matter where you are right now you deserve best possible support! 

Our partners / Certifications

Virus Protection

Founded in 1988 by Risto Siilasmaa as Data Fellows Corporation in Helsinki, the company has been working on data security from the beginning. The founders recognized the enormous and dynamically growing market, targeted the focus and served it with a range of products called F-Secure. It was a logical step to use the now internationally established name for the company itself – the renaming took place in 2000.

Data Backup

Altaro Software quickly became a leading provider of virtual machine backup solutions. Today, the company not only sells its products from its headquarters in North Carolina, USA, but also serves its customers in the United Kingdom, Germany, Malta and Macedonia, far beyond its borders.

Resilio business

Resilio (formerly BitTorrent Sync) provides powerful solutions with our unique private  cloud software based on bittorrent core technology. For well over 15 years, BitTorrent has been the leading technology for delivering large files over the Internet. BitTorrent Sync was the world’s first product to use this high-performance protocol for commercial purposes, and Resilio extends this mission.

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